When conducting business internationally, a company has many challenges to overcome: different regulatory requirements, environments, legal and financial considerations, security issues, cultural challenges and implications, just to name a few. The temptation for many businesses is to save time and money by employing their existing Canadian lawyers, accountants, human resources professionals, etc. because it seems cheaper or more convenient than finding new service providers with expertise in international business. However, to be successful in a new market, businesses should not cut corners or think of doing business like doing business in Canada. International business is different and frequently challenging but can be achieved successfully with the right knowledge and support.

MENA Consultants can facilitate your business needs in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). Our consortium of experienced service providers include strategic consultants, subject matter experts, lawyers, public affairs specialists, translation companies, and business services solutions companies. We can help you manage the administrative, advocacy, cultural, financial, legal, licensing, regulatory and security challenges presented both in the region and in Ottawa


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  • Administrative: We assist with securing all your office needs from: administrative support, bookkeeping, accounting, human resource needs, receptionist, and securing office space.
  • Cultural: We can develop and promote your company’s message to a Middle Eastern audience, provide technical and professional assistance with document translations, and guidance on acceptable professional and personal customs.
  • Financial: We can help you understand the financial “do’s & don’ts” of a new market, financial regulatory environments, financing options, etc.
  • Legal: We can provide legal assistance prior to working abroad, ensuring you are in compliance with laws domestically and internationally throughout your business transactions and development.
  • Licensing: We can assist with obtaining the necessary export/import licenses required to conduct business internationally.
  • Regulatory: We can assist with ensuring your business is in regulatory compliance domestically and internationally throughout your business development.
  • Security: We can provide due diligence reports and risk assessments, mitigating concerns domestically and internationally throughout your business transactions, partnerships, and development.

    We provide these services and many more that will help you be successful in MENA. MENA Consultants Association works for the client and with the client. We can pair you with a subject-matter-expert, service/product provider or we can build a custom package of services based on your specific needs for one inclusive and manageable price.

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