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Canadian companies look to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) as a potentially lucrative, but also challenging growth market. In the process, many companies recognize the need for credible assistance to effectively enter regional markets given differences in business culture, political and economic environments, legal & tax frameworks, unknown partners, etc.

However, the broader professional services industry that offers consultation and professional services for the MENA region has been mostly fragmented and without focal points that provide potential clients a way of assessing and engaging the kind of reliable expertise that is best for them. Fortunately, there is now such a platform: the Middle East & North Africa Consultants Association (MENA Consultants).

The Middle East & North Africa Consultants Association (MENA Consultants) was founded in the United States in 2012 by a group of independent consultants with two complimentary goals: 1) to create a forum to better educate the domestic business community on opportunities and business practices in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and 2) to create a centralized platform where those interested in doing business in the MENA can find expert assistance at a reasonable cost.

We launched the Canadian chapter of the organization in 2017 with with the objective of extending our professional services platform to Canadian membership and offering a full consortium of service providers that can service the varied needs of companies doing business in the region. We opened our first regional office in Amman, Jordan in 2014 and have representation throughout the US and MENA region.

Future domestic and regional office openings are on the horizon as well as the full institution of our transaction portal, MENA Consultants Connect, to help companies connect and more easily do business across borders.

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